Re-Advent Your Life

in 15 minutes a day!

Re-Advent Your Life ebook is a 28-day Advent devotional for busy women. In the midst of baking, shopping, and visiting, let's make some time for transformation.

Don't let the busyness of the season interrupt God time. 

Have you ever looked back on December 26 and realized even though you've just celebrated one of the most blessed holidays of the year, your time with God was a bit rushed … or maybe even derailed sometimes by the busyness? 

Yes? We have too. Let's decide this year will be different. Get instant access to Re-Advent Your Life, 28 Days of Small, Daily Steps to Transformation and watch your spirit blossom as you journey with God through Advent. And did we mention it takes just 15 minutes a day?




"This advent study has been perfect for me. Like spot on perfect so far.

God is definitely working on me.

“Giving up old comforts and habits can be unsettling” in todays reading…….wow. The hurricane, my mom’s illness, difficult family situations are all opening my eyes to practicing gratitude in a brand new way. Also, realizing some of my relationships with close friends in my past are entering a new season and I need to “let go and let God”.

Change is hard. I think I know best. And God calls me to His better!!!

Joni K.

Know this all
too well?


You intend to stay connected with God, but your holiday to-do list is longer than the day. 


You want a special Bible study designed for the Christmas season rather than your go-to.


You want a meaningful study - but in a shorter format. 


You'd like a no-fuss, self-contained study. All the work can be done on your tablet or computer but can also be printed.

Small steps in the right direction deliver big results. Re-Advent your life with the word of God.

 Limited TIme!





Cultivate a spirit of peace.

Identify one thing God wants you to re-advent this season.

Practice consistent daily habits and routines.

Learn to listen for God's voice. 

What can you expect?


Journey to Bethlehem with Old Testament women Ruth and Naomi in search of redemption. The study begins on the first Sunday of Advent.


Each day answer 3 questions  and determine 1 small step on your journey to re-advent your life.  We know you're busy, so each week we've built a catch-up day into the schedule.


All work can be completed in the interactive PDF ebook. Compatible with any device you can view a PDF on - including computers, iPads, phones, and tablets. Use with keyboard or smart pencils. The book may also be printed. 


Take advantage of the Re-Advent Your Life webpage to access additional resources such as recipes, Spotify playlist, and suggested Christmas activities. Optional interaction with other participants.

co-authors & sisters

Jane VanOsdol & Mary Kane

We've always loved Christmas and have special memories of celebrating the traditions of our German grandparents along with our very American customs. 

Together we've authored two websites; our most recent is and our first one is Mary is a teacher and reading specialist. She is just completing her master's degree in curriculum development. I, Jane, am a freelance writer, aromatherapist, and small business owner. We're both active in church and community and are passionate about prayer, Bible study, and helping busy women connect with God to find healing for body, soul, and spirit. 


Which devices does Re-Advent Your Life work on?

Any device that will open a PDF (and that's about everything) will work. That includes Macs, PCs, tablets, and phones. Open the link in any PDF reader like Preview on Mac, Microsoft Edge on Windows,  and Adobe on any device. There are many others, and most all devices come with a default PDF reader already installed. Just click on the link to open it, and it will open in your PDF reader. On Mac, you will have the option to send the PDF to Books, which will give you a rich reading experience. *For the best experience, be sure to download it to your device

What format is the instruction provided in?

It is formatted as a 70-page PDF ebook. We also have additional resources on our website. 

My time is limited. How much time will it take each day?

We understand the lives of busy women in a busy season! We purposefully designed the study to take only 15 minutes or less each day.

What supplies do I need for the devotional study?

The study is self-contained. The PDF is fillable, which means you can use your computer, tablet, or phone keyboard to type your responses directly in the book. Smart pencils like Apple Pencil and others can also be used. If you're traveling, just grab your device and you're ready to go. Easy peasy.  

What if I prefer printed materials?

Since it's a PDF, you can print the study directly from your device. I've tested it, and it prints beautifully. If you prefer, you can also purchase a journal to record your answers and thoughts.  

Do we need to check in each day on the website?

No. Group participation is optional. But we always welcome your thoughts and comments!

When will I receive my ebook?

This is a downloadable digital product, so you will receive it as soon as you purchase it. 

Can I share the PDF with my friends?

We kindly ask that your friends purchase their own copy. 

When does the devotional study begin? 

It begins on the first Sunday of Advent (thd date is different every year) and runs for 28 days. You will receive the book as soon as you purchase it. 


During this Advent season God is calling you to move closer to Him so He can re-advent your life according to His amazing plan.